Tony Nugent

“With a very time restraint job with a changeable work pattern and family life thrown in, trying to get any quality training in was becoming stressful and frustrating which resulted in me only getting ill and not finishing races.

Enough was enough got in touch with John and after the first couple of conversation with him I knew I was on to a good thing, that was a couple of years ago now and we are still improving as the years go by, don’t get me wrong its not easy but every session serves a purpose from the long slow road rides to the pyramids sets on the turbo it all counts towards what you set out to achieve and all done in half the time I used to spend training.

Results and marginal gains is achievable for any rider of any standard whatever you goals, and John has steered me on this path for many a year, John,s feedback is excellent and is easily contactable for last minutes changes to the plan if required.

If you’re stuck and in rut and want to improve then I cannot recommend John Morgan high enough.”

John Morgan