2 hour consultation

Come and visit me here at my home in Preston and talk training over a cup of good coffee. We will discuss.

  • Your cycling aspirations and goals
  • Your past training
  • How training works and how we can improve what you are doing
  • How to effectively use your power meter and the software behind it
  • Discuss a way forward in your training
  • A chance for you to pick my brains on anything you like.
  • Once you have left I will put together a document on the things we have discussed and 6 month action plan to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

If you keep training logs on line I will study these before your visit so that we can make the best use of our time on the day.

Price – £120

Training Reviews

Ideal as a follow up to the 2 hr consultation, or as a one off. If you keep a training diary on line (ideally Training Peaks), I will review your last six months of training and provide a detailed analysis, followed by recommendations for the future.

Price – £60

12 week Plans or weekly training package (limited availability)

You can buy lots of off the peg plans but this is a proper bespoke plan 12 plan written from scratch, entirely to your own personal set of circumstances. By e-mail or phone we establish your current level of fitness and what it is you are aiming to achieve.

This data, along with your training availability, will allow me to compile a 12 week training plan for you in Training Peaks. I will also provide a word document outlining the aims of the training plan and any supporting information you will need to help you with the plan.

The plan will be written in basic training peaks which I will set up for you, which you can upgrade to a premium account if you wish, but this is not mandatory.

12 week plan

keep your feedback up to date in training peaks. On completion of the plan I will review your work, and can develop a new plan for you, if required

These plans are unsupported. I also offer these plans with reviews, feedback and plan updates (based on your diary and how the preceding 3 weeks has gone) every 4th week where I will also answer any questions.

I also have some limited spaces on my weekly training package. Training is written within training peaks and I can change the training on a daily basis as needs be. I review your training each week and amend the next weeks plan based on how the preceding week has gone. There are no set up costs for this service and I don’t place limits on how often you contact me (within reason).

Price – £70 (12 week unsupported plans) £120 (12 week supported plans) £70/month or £350/6 month block (weekly package)

Ramp Test

I have a watt bike. This is an indoor bike which replicates the smooth feel of the road and measures your performance with precise, intelligent data. It is used by British cycling on the finest cyclists in the land.

ramp test

Bring your own set of pedals and cycling shoes and we will then adjust the watt bike to your position.

The Ramp test is the gold measure test to determine your maximal aerobic power (power at V02 Max). Depending on your initial ability we will start the ramp test at a certain power which feels quite comfortable. We will start the test at a power that feels comfortable and then gradually, over a course of 5 to 20 minutes, we will gradually raise the power, until such time that you cannot hold the effort any longer.

The ramp test is a great way to determine your training zones and more importantly, track your progress and assesses the effectiveness of your training.

I have conducted many ramp tests over the years and I know when to push a rider and when a rider has had enough. You’ll be in safe hands!

After the test I will provide you with

  • Your MAP
  • A good approximation of your Functional Threshold Power (FTP) based on 75% of your MAP
  • Your maximal heart rate
  • 7 WCPP heart rate training zones
  • The 6 Andy Coggan power training zones
  • An analysis of your pedaling style using the watt bike’s unique pedal analysis software

I will help you understand these results and how you can implement the findings into your training

Price – £60