Steve Ayres

The long: –

“I started with John mid-way through the 2016 season. I’d got myself to a reasonable standard and was regularly finishing top-5 in open TT events, however, I was beginning to lose focus and direction with training and was regularly going into races feeling tired and jaded. In all honesty I’d hit a plateau and was in something of a rut. I approached John and we started working together; I’m so pleased we did. As it was half way through the season we initially concentrated on looking at my approach to races and ensuring I was in good condition for the important ones. With John’s insights and experience I immediately improved two personal bests significantly and won two pretty good standard open events. John’s approach is both practical and comprehensive; I am always made to feel like I am leading and John is working to get the best from what I can give around my work and other commitments. Now with a Winter of training under John’s guidance behind me I feel supported, strong and am enthusiastic and excited about the 2017 season: Bring it on!”

The short: – “John; he’s alright he is!”

John Morgan