Rob Lee

I started racing 24 years ago, and in that time I’ve been lucky to have worked with 6 different coaches; all of them have been excellent, some of them are very well know and highly regarded in their field. It is without hesitation that I say that John sits at the top of my personal list of coaches I’ve worked with. His attention to detail is exceptional, his encouragement and enthusiasm infectious, and his ability to push me just a bit more than I thought possible, yet always be right in his prediction, uncanny. At times it’s almost like John knows what I can do before I know or believe it myself. When I first approached him in the hope he would coach me I had firm goals that I thought I could probably reach for over a 2-4 year period; 12 months later they’d all been ticked off the list and then some! I’d recommend John’s coaching to anyone wanting to go faster on a bicycle; if it’s there inside you John will find it and make it shine.

John Morgan