Matt Stell

“I’ve been coached by John for nearly 10 years now and in that time I’ve gone from strength to strength, my times improved across the board from 10 miles to 12 hours all thanks to John and proper structured training.

John understands how his riders all have different circumstances and time constraints, so you don’t receive a generic “one size fits all” training plan, when I first started with John I had no other commitments other than going to work and riding my bike, now I have a wife and a young daughter, John tailors the plan to any commitments I have and it works very well.

All in all would I recommend John as a coach ? definately as those that know me will testify that I’ve improved as a bike rider to a level that I couldn’t get too without John’s guidance and structured training

Matt Stell”

North Lancashire TTA Long distance BAR champ 2017
North Lanacshire TTA 12 hour Champ 2017
North Lancashire TTA 100 mile champion 2013 & 8th overall in the
national champs
10th place National 12 hour 2010
North Lancashire TTA Long distance BAR champ 2008 & 2009


10 miles 20.20
25 miles 51.50
50 miles 1.46.49
100 miles 3.45.02
12 hours 264.81 miles

John Morgan