Richard Moys

“Being fairly new to cycling i wasn’t sure how to go about training for triathlon and time trial races. Talking to a few local cyclists the general theme seemed to be the more miles you do, the better.

Therefore I spent that winter commuting into work and back 3 days a week, which was a 50 mile round trip, as well as riding on Saturday and Sunday. This was extremely tiring and very cold but i assumed i was getting fitter/stronger and couldn’t wait for the time trials on my local 10 mile course to start in the spring. However I was no quicker than the previous year and realised i had to be missing ‘something’ and that’s where John came in.

After a chat about my previous training, John wrote a detailed analysis of what i had been doing wrong (everything!) but more importantly how we would change that and structure the training going forwards.

He has honestly been a revelation and manages to tailor the plan to fit around work and family commitments. As a measure of progress I always use my local 10 mile course and in the year John has been coaching me as a time triallist, I’ve reduced my time on there from 25:07 to 23:23 whilst also becoming a new Dad mid-season. After another consistent winter i’m looking forward to see what 2017 brings.”

John Morgan