The 7 hour time triallist – E book


This 36,000 word 85 page e-book is my best one yet and the culmination of 8 years of full time coaching experience. I have learned how to get any rider to very close to their full potential off 7 hours training a week.

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  • This book is ideal for riders who enjoy competing in time trials of usually 10 to 25 miles but the principles in the book can be used to train for longer distance time trials or sportives
  • Describes the principles of training and the specific elements for the time triallist.
  • Contains a comprehensive year long power based training plan
  • Shows you how to effectively use the power meter support software to tweak your plan and manipulate it to your own ends. I don’t believe in off the shelf one size fits all plans. This book gives you a tried and tested blue print but also the tools to make it work for you and your unique circumstances.
  • Shows you how to set healthy and empowering goals
  • Shows you how to use different mental approaches to overcome race day anxiety and gives you tips on how to control your mind to bring about peak performance
  • Shows you how to use your power meter for race day pacing